Wine and Cheese Festival, 21 – 22 August 2015, at Small Square “Krusevska Republic”, Ohrid Republic of Macedonia.

The “Wine and Cheese Festival” was organized on 21-22 August by Ohrid municipality in partnership with Agrinet Foundation form Korca Albania. The main protagonists of the festival were the small and medium local producers of wine, cheese and organic food located mainly in the rural areas of the Prespa region.

During the “Wine and Cheese Festival” several promotional activities, food competitions, wine tastings and other gastronomy activities were organized with local and international participants.

These activities were organized following two main objectives:

  1. Promotion of historic, cultural and natural attractions as tourism opportunities and prospective of Ohrid Lake Region; and
  2. Improvement of networking and linkages between different tourism stakeholders from Ohrid Lake region with other regions from Macedonia, as well as enhancing cross-border cooperation with Albania, as a precondition for creation of sustainable tourism offers/products of the region in field of gastronomy and alternative forms of tourism.

This activity is part of the EU funded project “Fostering regional cooperation and balanced territorial development of the Western Balkan countries in the EU integration process” – third phase” implemented by SWG.